Im a doctor, im just a human

As old people always said, doctor is always right. It is not only brings us fortune, but also a burden to makes them healthy in whatever their condition is. I love to heal them, but it wont happen anytime.

Sometimes, i (as gp) do wrong esp in making diagnosis. We sometimes misdiagnose patient by underestimating their symptom. How could i know that? Sometimes it happend when the specialist make a different diagnosis than yours. Or (it is the worst) when your emergency therapy didnt heal them or even “let the pt “goes”with some unrecognize disease”.

in this condition, we have to be brave to said the truth and to recognize our stupidity. Heuftt

BEcome a doctor. Sometimes the patient maturing you by their illness. Such a big obligation for you to thank them by trying so hard to fix their problem. Not only by treating their disease but also to make them believe that youre doing your best as the “healer”


Menumpulnya rasa iba

Pasien datang dengan cedera kepala berat ( kesadaran menurun, patah tulang tengkorak dan leher, perdarahan dalam kepala, dan memar paru).
Kami menyebutnya pasien “terminal”. kondisi yang serba sangat sulit bahkan utk di rumah sakit besar sekalipun (apalagi utk ditangani di rsud kabupaten sekecil ini).
Segera kami, tim dokter, mencoba menyelamatkan tanda vital pasien, sebelum kami rujuk ke rumah sakit yang lebih besar tentunya. Kami suction jalan napasnya, keluar lah darah kurang lebih 1 liter. Terus menerus ku pantau jalan napasnya, berulang kali ku suction. Teman ku yang lain menangani perdarahan d kepala pasien. awalnya kondisi pasien masih baik, namun kelamaan kondisi pasien drop; nadi melemah, tensi turun, pucat, akral mulai dingin, dan paru-paru sudah penuh dengan cairan (yang kemungkiann besar adalah darah). syok!
Segera datang dokter spesialis bedah rsud ini, pertama kali melihat kondisi pasien, beliau hanya menghela napas dan bilang bahwa kondisi pasiennya sudah sangat jelek, tinggal menunggu saja. 😦

Semangat kami yang awalnya masih besar utk menyelamatkan pasien mulai redup. Ingin rasanya segera merujuk namun sepertinya tidak mungkin. Perjalanan ke kab sebelah menempuh kurang lebih 2 jam, belum lagi “gojrok2” ambulan saat perjalanan.
Kami segera mencari keluarga pasien. Sayang sekali, pasien adalah seorang perantau dr p. jawa. Tak ada sanak. Hanya teman kerja disini. Kami jelaskan kondisi pasien, dan mereka hanya diam.

Aku pun ikut terrdiam.
Bingung juga harus merespon apa.

Sambil menunggu “akhir” pasien ini, aku melihat sekeliling. Perawat dan dokter lain tampak biasa saja, mereka makan sore seperti biasa, mengobrol, dan duduk-duduk di meja regis. Memang tak ada lagi yang bisa kami lakukan, melainkan melihat napas pasien yang sudah mulai “satu-satu”. Bahkan aku pun sempat-sempatnya menulis artikel ini.

Tahu kah teman, bahwa menjadi dokter itu justru semakin lama menumpulkan rasa iba dan belas kasian terhadap kondisi pasien terminal? apalagi dengan banyaknya pasien yang tak tertangani krn kondisinya sudah buruk dan tak mungkin lagi diselamatkan. Bahkan untuk dokter yang baru hitungan bulan sepertiku. Mungkin itu lah hukum alam.


Akhirnya Pasien itu meninggal.
Balangan, selasa 14022014 pk 18.28


Kondisi dimana kami sebagai dokter internship dengan ilmu dan pengalaman yang masih cetek, mengangguk-angguk terhadap smua instruksi bidan dan perawat.

Kondisi yang menyebalkan tapi setiap dokter (kemungkinan besar) mengalaminya.
Hm, bukan sebal terhadap mereka. Melainkan terhadap diri sendiri..

Sejauh mereka smua baik2, gak masalah. Terima aja. Telan aja mentah2 😀

Internship story, part 1

It has been a month since i lived in Balangan. Honestly, i never imagine that it would be so exciting.
Let me tell you first about what i am doing in here and why this place can be so homey.

Im a medical intern. In my major, after graduation, i have to go some place (especially in the rural area) for practicing what i’ve learnt in medical school. Since we are “playing” with human, there is a tutor that will guide, accompany and also observe our medical practice. There is also a logbook for recording our case and also portofolio. And we have to collect more than 400 cases in a year as well. Haha.. #stress

There are 12 medical interns in this district, and all of us comes from the same university. We are devided into 3 teams and would be rotated in puskesmas and hospital every 4 months. in the hospital itself, we are also doing rotation every week in several department such as adult and pediatric ward, clinic, emergency room, etc.

SALARY? We re paid IDR2,5 million a month. Hm, actually that number is more than enough for our stressless job that only take 2-6hours a day. :))

Then, why do i feel so blessed being in here? Hihi #cekidot

1. Since i was born and grow up in jakarta, i’m so excited to live in the peaceful mountain range like balangan. Even our house and also hospital are in the middle of the forest as well. 😀

2. As the visitor, the local government rent us two houses with low cost of living. it is located at the Griya Mahakam, house regency which is only allowed for certain government functioners to live. This regency is kept by several securities 24hours a day. So, we are relly feeling save to live in here.

3. We are, as a medical intern, are respected by another as a “doctor”. So, its happier to see how people greeting and also chatting with you in our daily activities.

4. I have a great friends as my second family in here. They are the only things that wont makes me feel lonely to face the days in year ahead.

5. A lot of cases in this hospital are appropriate for a general pracitionaire like me. We can also can directly examine the patients and giving the treatment (of course by the agreement of our tutor).

6.though i dont have any ability for speaking and understanding banjar language, a lot of the nurses here will be pleased to explain you what the patient’s said and help you to crab their words and respond them, also in balangan language.

7. Everyday is a running day. Thats excactly what i love to do in the evening. We usually run for approximately 2-3 km at the up and down tract inside the bupati regency.

8. As our house is far away from the traditional market, everyday the girls have to cook for breakfast and dinner. Even sometimes i thought that it was a cooking internship other than a medical one. I learn so much about cooking and hope it will be good for my future as a woman. Haha #preet

9. I’m treated to be a good animal hunter since there are a lot of insect and reptile inside our house. No more screaming in facing them. Lol

10. Since you live in the rural place that far away from the city, you ll spend money less. Its not about saving money but actually there is not much things you can buy in here. Even for buying snacks, you have to go by car and take 10minutes to the central of this district. What a life!


hi, i’m rizka. i’m Indonesian. I’ve been living in Perth since 20th may 2013 for doing elective studying. i’m really grateful because i’m the first student (from faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia) that successfully get the scholarship and doing elective in Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth. 

Although it’s just a month, I got a lot of brilliant experience and lessons in here. in the hospital, i got a chance to observe respiratory clinic and follow the consultant. i can see how the consultant treat the patient, respond the referral letter, and making the diagnosis.  i did the ward round as well and belong to the team (consist of consultants, registrar, intern and also medical student University of Western Australia ). everyday i join them follow  up the patient, they also teach me in the middle of their busy work. additionally, i can also see and learn a lot several medical procedure such as bronchoscopy and also intervention bronchoscopy. I don’t need to be worry because they have arranged my elective schedule very well. and i can choose to move to the other team that has different kind of respiratory diseases.

At the beginning of studying, my English capability is not that good. It’s very difficult for me to grab the words and understand what Australian said. But people in Charlies Hospital are really nice to me. they happily repeat what they’ve said to make me understand :p so, my English capability is also increasing as well. 

Although I’m alone in here, i didn’t feel lonely anymore. i have a lot of friends (comes from medical student in the fourth and final year), we sometimes share to each other about “our experiences” as a medical student, I learn a lot from them 🙂

Outside Charlies, I have an amazing life with a very lovely family. they are very welcome to me (thanks to Prof. Robinson and family), even they asked me to go to several interesting place in Perth like wildlife park and aquarium. indirectly, they reduce my homesick feeling :))

And the last but not the least, THANK YOU SO MUCH for International Skill and Training Institute of Health (ISTIH) FOR THE SCHOLARSHIP FUND and also for the UWA so I can get a chance to study abroad right now.

It would be the best experience in my life as a medical student and I will share it to my university as well.



My 3rd week

I’ve been living in australia for 3weeks.
It’s getting bored actually in the hospital since i just observe the ward round and clinic. I become corpus alienum, and can do nothing. If the red team get busy, i just can follow them; i dont know how to write the med record, how to do some procedure (eg. Set IV line), how to make a discharge summary, how to request the blood test, etc since they do that via electronic health programme.
In addition, there is no med student in the 3rd week so there is no one i can talk to while waiting for “uncertainty schedule. I will miss them: cheng, tom, ian, atoosa. Friends that good in serving temporary student like me. They moved to the other hospital and learn about the other lesson of medicine. I heard in 4th week there will be the other med students come to G54. I hope they are as kind as cheng etc.

Otherwise, i like the registra, graham pearce.
He often teach me in the middle of his busywork, though he becomes temperament (sometimes). He also can tolerate and being patient in facing my lack of english and knowledge.

I do also like dr. Weng chin. He is the chairman of pulmonary department. I follow him in the clinic once a week. He is often teach me of the patien disease and treatment. His english pronounsation is clear enough (better than dr. Pearce) so i can grab the key word easily from what he said. He also give me a good example of replying refferal form sent by other collegue by email; about the contain and how to write it in a good way.

Every thursday, i watch bronchoscopy procedure which is done by dr. Dave manners and dr. Mulrennan. I do love dr. Mulrennan, she is one of consultant in here. She is very lovely, giving me a good example how to treat the patient and doing bronchoscopy gently. I also like dr. Manners (though he said i’m malaysian and called me raska -__-*) he buy a cup of hot chocolate for me and the other intern. And also i adore his wife that always bring him lunch every day. Haha..

Baby baloon

Look at the baby boy who hold the baloon. Aaargh, let me “kucek2 pipinya” gegege.. This is the first time for him to use train with family. He seems very afraid so he hold his mother hand along the trip. Haha.. -lovely-
And see the other lovely baby in the train. I dont know what his name but it pushes me to kucek2 his chubby cheek. Wkwk..